Portland Head Light, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

The start of the 2020-2021 School year looks very different than I’d imagined. We are still homeschooling, but Covid-19 stopped our Worldschooling plans in its tracks back in March of 2020. So from this point forward we push fearlessly into 2021 and our adventures in Worldschooling. This is not something we’d ever imagined the world would be watching and participating in. There are more homeschooling parents in the U.S. today than ever before and I hope you are are encouraged by our adventures.

Our first trip of this school year started on Labor Day weekend—and my youngest’s 7th Birthday. Road tripping Maine to visit Lighthouses, eat Lobsters, and get one last hoorah on the Atlantic Ocean.

There were so many awesome things about road tripping from the Adirondacks in NY where we live up the coast of Maine, but photos speak volumes so we will tell our journeys with pictures.

Lunch Roadside in Vermont

Many hours in the van broken up by stopping in picturesque Vermont towns, grabbing lunch, and some books for the road at quaint bakery and bookshops.

First stop in Maine was in York and a stop by the famous Nubble Light House where the kids loved climbing over the rocks on the Maine coastline.

Enjoying Maine’s rocky coastline at Nubble Lighthouse
Successful Rock Climbing
First Lighthouse Visit! Nubble

Our first stop would not have been complete with adding famous Maine lobsters to the menu. Unfortunately, the red monsters scared Thomas and he decided we was not eating it. The teen tried, he cracked opened the shell, splashing lobster guts in his girlfriend’s hair. In the end, Hubby happily ate both boy’s lobsters. (Mom doesn’t eat seafood it enjoyed the adventure.)

Lobster Adventures