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The snow has been falling for days on end in the Northeast of the United States.  Snow days and shoves and frozen toes—not this year!  We finally took the plunge and embarked on our first winter as snowbirds. And for me and the boys (sadly Hubs still has to work back home) our first adventure in long-term travel.

2020 has been… what words are there, really? The pandemic has hit everyone. We are all trying to hold it together—our families—our emotions—our finances—and the very fabric of our cultures. For us, the lockdowns doubled down on our already bleak winters, where most days are too cold to venture outdoors.  Life for many months consisted of waking, walking to the living, and going back to the bedroom to sleep at night. Sundown at 4:15pm on the darkest days was enough to grind anyone down into a deep depression.

Add Covid, and the closure of all indoor activities—the few we had—bowling, bouncy houses, arcades, and the movies. Life indoors in the frozen tundra became unbearable. So we’ve traded our snow boots for flip flops and are spending the winter in one of our happy places.  Orlando, Florida. 

I was not certain how long we would stay, but after the first ten days, I knew it was time to explore monthly rentals. Grabbed one in the lovely Vista Cay Resort and from here we will explore this wonderful city—along with revisiting (many times over) one of our favorite places: Universal Studios. 

Being Annual Pass holders, spending our winter in Orlando made the most sense—both for the boys to enjoy the sunshine and fun, and economically. It ensured we always have a place “to go.”  No more roaming the house, shivering and bundled up. No more screens and computers for hours on end. No more being coupled up indoors every single day.  It is sunshine time, and a mere three weeks in, I’m fairly certain we will be renewing our rental and staying for another month—at least. 

In the days and weeks to come, I will keep you all posted about our adventures—reviewing the places we go, and sharing (hopefully) inspirational photos.

A preview of where we’ve been:

Vista Cay Resort

Universal Studios, Orlando

The love BICE Restaurant at Portofino Resort

Altitudes Trampoline Park

The Museum of Illusions

Beth’s Burger Bar

Mythos Restaurant in Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios

Mardi Gras! Universal Studios

The Safari Wilderness Ranch

Orlando Science Center

And more to come…