Living in a small town has its ups and downs. One downside that I find most is the fact that you run out of options so damn fast. I prefer to live in larger metro areas that have more options. Things to do, places to shop, places to go, activities to take the kids to, and places to eat.

We were looking for something to do for my youngest sons fifth birthday. We had exhausted the options in the small area we live in. So we started looking in Plattsburgh, NY which is about an hour drive from us, and where we go for options. Plattsburgh isn’t a major metro area per se, but on the whole, it’s a nice college town that hosts a mall, two movie theaters, bowling alleys, and much more shopping options as well as things to do with the kids.

We decided to go to Champy’s Fun Center. Champ’s an indoor family fun center which is attached to the Comfort Inn & Suites. I will break down my review by addressing both places individually in an attempt not to jump around.

champy's fun city platsburgh ny

Champy’s is the best indoor activity for kids in Plattsburgh


I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived. My kids had been here before. They love this place. Now I can see why. I was not expecting what I found there. This place is a kid’s dream come true! Video games that award points, when you use them for exchange at the prize bar later, an indoor climbing center called Ball-o-city complete with air guns and a center area filled with foam balls and air stations that let you shoot the balls up in the air, or have them hover in front of you.




So Much To Do at Fun City

On the lower level, they have party rooms, a small indoor mini golf course which is played under black lights, a two-lane mini bowling game which lets the kids bowl five frames per game, air hockey tables and a small bumper car area! (Recommended height is 44″ and under). They have a Bear 2 Go area where you can purchase a bear, choose an outfit and the kids get to help the employee stuff it! And I forgot to mention the indoor laser maze. For only $3.00 per kid per chance. Kids go in and try to maneuver their way across the laser lights without touching them. The average time for the course is about 3 minutes.


And just in case that wasn’t enough, it’s attached to the Comfort Inn & Suites which has a kids splash pool/zone and two water slides that the older kids can climb up and shoot down! Seeing as how my kids are part fish this place was perfect! But to be fair, I must say that the pool area is a little cramped. The toddler area is fine, but then there is only an average 5 ft area from where the exit zone from the water slides is to the end of the toddler area to swim in. So this is not a place you’re going to get in some laps in the pool.

The best part? This place is easy on the pocket! The ball pit/climbing area is named Ball-o-city Soft play, and you can get 2 hours of fun for only $9.50 per child. (They must wear socks and the recommended play age is 4-12 years old. (Parents/guardians must remain on the main floor while children are playing).

The mini-golf is nine holes and cost $5.00 for adults and $3.50 per child under 7. The bumper cars are $5.00 for your first ride and $3.50 each ride after that in the same day.

The pool and small water “park” is open to non-hotel guests year round, which is great since pool time is very short in Northern NY, and is included in hotel stay for guests. The cost for the pool/water park area is $10 for 3 hours of swim time.

Individually these many small amounts can add up pretty quick, but the great thing is that you can pick and choose what activities to do! You don’t have to pay for access to everything, for example, you can go in and just play in the arcade and let the kids run around in the Ball-o-city Soft play area which would only cost you the $9.50 per child for 2 hours plus whatever you choose to load on your card to use in the arcade. Or you can go in and use the water park area and pay the $10 per child for 3 hours. (By the way, the swim area is in a separate building, so if you’re a little crafty you can tell the kids you’re going swimming, and they never have even to see the rest of the place!).


If you stay at the hotel, you get access to the Ball-o-city Soft play area and Waterpark area for 24 hours instead of 2 for the $9.50 per child price PLUS hotel guests get to use the facilities at the Eclipse Gym which is attached to the hotel (upstairs) and can be accessed 24/7.

My kids loved this place and had a blast. I loved it because they even had some video games that I can play which is something I love to do. And all these activities are indoors! Which is key because the winters here in the Adirondacks are long and brutal! So if you’re in the market for a great place to go with the kids definitely stop by here.


The Hotel

The Comfort Inn & Suites 

This hotel was a great place to stay. It’s a cut above your regular hotel. We stayed in a room that had two queen beds which worked out fine for us as my three oldest went home that night and we kept the two youngest with us. The room was equipped with a flat screen television, a coffee maker, a microwave and a fridge along with the wet bar style sink. All of these appliances were in an alcove that was built into the wall that divided the bathroom area from the room.

The water closet and shower were in a closed room behind this alcove where the sink area is, allowing for one person to be getting ready while the other showers. This area had a makeup mirror built in and plenty of light.


Our Room

The room had a nightstand and a chest of drawers which is where the TV sat on. It also had an armchair and a separate writing desk in the room. The hotel has free wi-fi and the desk with a built-in data port so you could hard wire your laptop if you would rather plug in.

The rooms have beautiful crown molding everywhere which lends to the upscale feel of this particular hotel. The rooms were very tastefully decorated as well, and the garish multi-colored bedding, painting combinations found in other hotel chains were nowhere to be found here.

The hotel stay includes a free breakfast buffet in a separate breakfast room/area which we took full advantage of with two kids staying with us.

I’ve already mentioned the access to the Eclipse gym upstairs which guests get to use. On top of that, the hotel has a Perkins restaurant attached to it, as well as a local pub called the Plattsburgh Brewing Co. Each of these places can be accessed from the hotel’s hallways, and you never have to step foot outside!

Additionally, the hotel is conveniently located in a plaza where there is also a Wendy’s, a Walmart, a Gamestop, Panera Bread Co., Office Max, Buffalo Wild Wings, TJ Maxx, Homegoods, Petco, Carter’s and many more! Truly it’s a one-stop shopping dream come true.