stuffed avocado san juan gluten-freeA Simple Lunch

Strolling down Calle San Fransisco in Old San Juan on our Anniversary trip to Puerto Rico, we found the most delightful little place to have a wonderful gluten-free lunch at The Stuffed Avocado Shop. The placed had good reviews on the Find Me Gluten Free app, and we were not disappointed at all!

The Stuffed Avocado Shop is a simple walk-in food bar kind of place. The menu scrawled on chalkboard painted portions of the wall. We immediately asked the girls behind the counter about their ability to cater to Celiacs, their GF options, and cross-contamination preventive measures.


One employee reported they suffered from food allergies. They explained how only two things on the menu were not GF and how those two things have reduced the possibility of cross-contamination. Having gotten that out of the way, we placed our order.

We designed our bowl, using two avocados topped with kale as a base and then added the spicy chicken, pulled beef and chopped meat to that. We topped it off with pineapples, a local cheese, mangoes, spicy mayo and cilantro cream which was SO good! This large bowl was big enough to fill both of us, and it was tasty! We finished with some avocado based chocolate mousse which was delicious! The coup de grace of this whole experience was the budget-friendly price tag!


The Stuffed Avocado Shop is definitely a return-to place, an excellent gluten-free option in San Juan.   I am looking for locations back home in New York State.