Post-Travel Blues is a real thing. Seriously. Some of us—like me—research our next trip on our way home from the current one.  Sounds ridiculous? Sometimes it feels that way too.  But I have a terrible time battling the post-travel blues.

Enduring the chilly gray and dreary Adirondack spring—and I use the word spring in the loosest terms, as is date-wise technically spring, but the weather here barely hit 40 today, spring—we are longing for sunshine. Desperate for sunshine and to bring back our traveling vibes.

Looking over travel photos is one way to beat back the blues, but a secret we’ve found to help even more is to recreate and relive our favorite foods we ate on vacation.

Last weekend, Puerto Rico was calling. Puerto Rican food—and Italian—food are staples in our house.  But last year for our Three-day Anniversary trip to Puerto Rico, Hubby and I ate the fantastic Marmalade Restaurant in Old San Juan.  It was a wonderful time and the food incredible.   But the outstanding dish of the evening was Marmalade’s signature White Bean Truffle Soup.  

What we didn’t know when we ate at the restaurant is the soup is so popular that if you ask, they will give you the recipe!  With a quick google search, anyone can try his or her hand at this lip-licking soup Tiny White Bean Soup. So while we were freezing our springtime longing butts off in the mountains, Hubs and I decided it was time to relive one of our fondest anniversary trip meals.

Tonight watching the graying skies and the drizzle hit the street, I thought of my trip to Italy in 2018. Even considered a January 2020 trip to sunny Italy.  The thoughts got my tastebuds thinking—yes, tastebuds can think! 

We traveled on Norwegian airlines to London this April (Norwegian last year to Italy too) and although I will be the first to tell you that the Gluten-free meal option the airlines serves is horrible. But on my trip to London they served a decent polenta and sausage.  One I was certain, I could make better.  So this evening’s dinner was born. Traditional Italian Polenta topped with tomato sauce and sausage. 

It may not be the warmth and ocean air of the beaches in San Juan or the feel of the cobblestone under my feet in Rome, but taking the time to research and recreate dishes from our travels went a long way to warm my bones, and lift the gloom. 

Three days to go and counting the minutes to my Mom and Tom trip to Universal Studios Orlando and being scorched by the hellish Florida sun.

What do you do to beat the Post-Travel Blues? Leaves tips and ideas in the comments!