We have 4 nights to spend in Paris, but broken up by Easter weekend in Belgium.  And we only have our son’s support staff with us for the first two nights in Paris, so we want to get an overview and see as much of the city as possible without the kids staging a coo.

We considered the Hop On/Hop Off bus but was not crazy about having to find the right spots and convincing the kids to sit on a bus for hours while the adult ooh and ahh at the beautiful buildings.  My 14-year-old is still complaining about my dragging him around Rome to see fountains and naked statues all day.  He exaggerates—only a little. I will not get away with those shenanigans this time especially traveling with the little guys too. 

Museums aren’t really the kid’s thing. What worried me the most about visiting Paris is it being a repeat of Rome. They would be bored with all of what we wanted to see. So, museum and fine art will wait for another time, this trip to Paris is about sucking up Parisian air, sunshine, and just being there.  Can I do that?  Probably not. So on to the sightseeing.

Paris has so much to offer—even for kids—so we made a list of things we wanted to see and do in the short time we have. We narrowed our list to seeing the Eiffel Tower (and we might climb the stairs but will not wait in those long lines with the kiddos—a picnic at Trocadero with the iconic tower as a backdrop to the boy’s planned Baguette Battles sounds perfect to us!). We want to spend at least a few hours at Luxemburg Gardens, see Notre Dame, the Louve, the Arc de Triomphe, and Sacre Coeur and Place de Tetre in Montmartre. But how? How will we traverse the city with the kids in tow, keep them occupied, and still get to see some of the beautiful city? Oh—and we want to see it at night too!

Enter Paris by Tuk-Tuk

While searching for kid-friend options, something that will be individualized and fun, while still allowing the adults to ooh and ahhh, I found Tuk-Tuk tours! With only two days in Paris, and the kids uninterested in museums, it would not be a fun day trying to crisscross Paris so we can “see” stuff.  Tuk Tuk tours appear a fantastic solution. So after reading many reviews of three Tuk Tuk Tour companies in Paris, we decided on Tuk Tuk in Paris and booked a half-day excursion (4 hours) on our first morning in Paris.

It excited me to learn that Paris has a good deal of Gluten-Free options for me, including bakeries, and pastry shops! We plan to ask our Tuk Tuk driver to stop by one of these shops on our way out for the adventure.

We arrive in Paris via the Eurostar from London late at night, at 10:30 pm. Generator Paris, a youth hostel where we booked a private from for 8, is only a short ride from the train station. If the boys are feeling up to it, we plan to take an XL Uber to the Eiffel Tower after dropping our bags to watch the light show. I can’t imagine a better way to start our two days in Paris then a sparkly tower beneath the midnight sky. Fingers crossed.

The first thing the next morning the Tuk Tuk will pick us up in front of our accommodations—another aspect I thought wonderful. We can step right out and get our day started without the worry of figuring out where to go and getting oriented to a new city.

We hope to tick all the “must see” off during our Tuk Tuk time—and perhaps if we enjoy ourselves, we can take another trip at night.

Speaking of Paris at night, the nighttime Seine River Cruise is on our must list so even if we don’t get another opportunity to take the Tuk Tuk, we can see the City of Lights at night from the water.

Beyond our accommodations and Tuk Tuk, we have scheduled no Paris activities as we want to go with the flow when we arrive. We want to picnic, drink wine, and walk around Montmartre and do a portrait from one of the street artists.  I can’t think of a better souvenir.

Any suggestions, or must-do fun things with kids in Paris?