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Plans to Spend Easter Weekend in Belgium

Written on April 2, 2019 in Belgium

Belgium is to darn close to Paris not to hop on a train and explore. The kids are excited about shopping for Belgium chocolate over Easter weekend, making Belgium waffles, and eating as many Belgium fries as they can. And as my 8-year-old just advised, “do not ask for French fries in Belgium, Mom. They...

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Weekend Plans in Edinburgh with Kids

Written on April 2, 2019 in Edinburgh

Two days in Edinburgh will not be enough time to explore all the wonderful things the city has to offer.  I knew I wanted to head to Scotland for the weekend while visiting London even if I only get a glimpse of Scotland. One thing we wanted to try with kids is an overnight sleeper...

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What will we do for 5 days in London with kids?

Written on April 2, 2019 in Europe

London is the first stop on our two-week madness adventure to Europe this spring break. It will be me and my 14-year-old’s second trip to London, but for Hubby and the two little ones (8 & 5 years old), their first time. There are so many family-friendly things to do in London that it was...

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Two Weeks in Europe: Four Countries and Five Cities

Written on April 1, 2019 in Belgium

In one week we are boarding the plane to our two week Europe adventure with the kids! Four countries and Five cities in two weeks: England, Scotland, France and Belgium.  We intend on getting a glimpse of London, Edinburgh, Paris, Brussels, and Bruge. I could have booked a two-week trip to one city or countries...

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London Youth Hostel for Family Review: Wombats 2018

Written on April 1, 2019 in Europe

I was apprehensive at staying in a hostel, but in the end I wanted to give the boys that experience. Truthfully, staying at Wombats, London, in a private room with the boys was more like a hotel than a hostel. Because Matthew is under 18, we had no choice but to book all four beds...

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